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In 2007 I was attending a fundraiser for The House Next Door, a non-profit my husband was on the board of and started a foundation for. It dawned on me if we started a krewe (Mardi Gras themed organizations that started in New Orleans and typically charge dues) we could easily raise money and have fun doing it.

I gathered some like minded friends together and we came up with the name Krewe Nouveau. Nouveau because we were the “new” krewe compared to the original krewe in DeLand, Krewe of Amalie which was originally started to support the Museum of Art – DeLand and was very successful. I thought the idea of a DeLand Mardi Gras season with lots of different krewes just like in New Orleans sounded fun. We raised money through membership dues and sponsorships for our annual Mardi Gras party La Fete.

As time passed our group evolved and in 2013 I was having lunch with a friend and the Director of Development for the Museum of Art and a lightbulb clicked on over my head. The House Next Door was generously supported elsewhere and really no longer needed us. Our unique style would be perfectly paired with the Museum and our current partnership was born.

We are still evolving. Our main goal is to raise money for the Museum of Art. We do this first and foremost with membership dues. We host a big event once a year. It started as La Fete and is now Exposed a body of art and may continue to change. In between we have smaller casual events like happy hours, museum excursions, and host receptions for the Museum.

Since 2007 we have raised over $176,670.80 for our local charities.

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